30 January 2011

Bathroom Vanities

If you've been keeping up with things over at my other blog, The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises, you'll know that Landon and I put our fifth (yes, FIFTH) contract on a townhouse late last week. If we are so lucky to get it (we're up against another bidder), we will have a few projects to do to whip the little townhouse into tip-top shape.

One of those? A few bathroom upgrades.

Landon and I LOVE the look of a raised vessel sink for a smaller bathroom:

or, like this one (which isn't quite so contemporary looking)

For the master bath, we would want something with more counterspace (as Landon and I can't seem to combat the sprawl of all our bathroom items!), like this:

26 January 2011


It's no secret that I am a book nerd (and let's face it...sometimes a book snob), and nothing in this world would make me happier than to one day own a house with an entire room devoted to my books. I don't lust after a make-up room or a shoe closet. No, I want a library. Something with lots of light, comfy chairs, a foot rest and access to plenty of blankets and English Breakfast tea.


 featured in Elle Decor (July/ August 2007)

Though, with as many books as I have, I would probably need about eight more bookcases. :)

17 January 2011

Green & Brown Bedroom

Much of what you see above is actually already in Landon's and my bedroom--the white curtains, an embossed tile hanging (though a different one than the one shown here) and the white-on-white striped comforter set. Our walls are a green paint very similar to the green in picture 3: it's soft, comforting and relaxing. The entire effect of the white, light green and brown is like a spa, which is exactly what we need after long days teaching and working at the bank. 

In this room's layout board, I have two sets of curtains, which is different than the other rooms I've done. I am a VERY particular sleeper (I have to have all the doors closed, the covers a certain way, my pillows arranged around me...the list goes on and on, much to Landon's chagrin); one of my many sleeping necessities is a completely dark room. The room we have now is equipped with plantation shutters and covered with the sheer white curtains: while the sheers don't do much to help, the plantation shutters keep out all the light. BUT when we move into a bigger apartment or house in May, we probably won't have those shutters. The solution? Add in a second layer of darker, heavier curtains, which also happen to be super adorable. I LOVE the multi-colored polka dots on these! As an added bonus, the curtains have Nantucket blue dots on them (in addition to beige and light green): this helps tie the room in subtly to our bathroom, which is painted in Nantucket blue. 

Product List
  1. Sunburst Mirror
  2. Pier One Polka Dot Window Panels in Carafe Brown
  3. Bed Bath and Beyond Delano Sheer Curtains
  4. Wamutta Damask White Duvet Cover
  5. Green and Brown Pillow
  6. Embossed Metal Wall Art
  7. Triple Gourd Clear Glass Lamp

14 January 2011

Anthropologie Kapali Curtains

Earlier today, I was drifting through the internet, looking for a cute, new dress, when I saw an adorable one on sale at Anthropologie's site. While there, I got distracted and discovered that Anthropologie has a section for bedding and decorating, too--who knew? (Not this gal, at least not until about two hours ago.)

I found these gorgeous curtains there. I love the Asian/ Indian influence of the design: there's enough visual interest with the pattern, but it's not busy enough to detract away from whatever you pair these with in a room. The creative possibilities for each of these are so amazing...so don't be surprised if they show up on a future layout board here! :)

Find them here.

(L to R: olive version, mineral version)

13 January 2011

Moroccan-inspired Living Room

When I moved out of my college dorms and made the transition to my "big girl" graduate housing, I needed furniture desperately. My first purchase? A bright red couch, which I still absolutely adore. I've always been drawn to the gorgeous jewel tones associated with Moroccan culture, and I think the red couch provides a solid foundation on which to build a Moroccan-inspired living room. The lanterns, embossed tin and end tables add touches of Moroccan flair without the room losing its contemporary feel. 

I know some people are wary of color, but in this case, the red actually works as a neutral against the khaki, yellow, blue and green. If you were really daring, you could do a light blue (from the rug) on the walls for an even greater saturation of color. Toss a couple of sparkly sari pillows (like these below) on the couch and you're set!

Product List
  1. Pottery Barn Comfort Square Upholstered Sofa in Cardinal Red
  2. World Market Jala Medallion Tufted Wool Rug
  3. World Market Latika Amber Lanters
  4. Urban Outfitters Print Shop Kew Gardens from the North-East
  5. Pier One Embossed Tiles Wall Decor
  6. Behr Jungle Khaki
  7. Pottery Barn Peyton Linen Cotton Drape in Mineral Green
  8. Moroccan Side Table

12 January 2011

Purple Medallion Room

Product List
  1. Bohemian Medallion Duvet Cover (assorted color)
  2. Behr Silverberry paint
  3. Silver Frost Dupioni Panels
  4. West Elm Oliver chair
  5. Hemnes night stand in black-brown
  6. World Market Vidrio Glass Table Lamp
  7. Whim Breeze Rug (Target)
  8. Monte Paraiso mirror
I love purple--it is so luxurious but so fun at the same time. When I found this duvet cover over at Urban Outfitters, my mind immediately started racing on the decorating possibilities afforded by this slightly Bohemian and super chic pattern. What I came up with was a room centered around that bedspread: there are different shades of purple that are juxtaposed by the shiny silver and the matte black. 

After I put this board together, I found a few aqua colored throw pillows that would work GORGEOUSLY against the purple and silver: