[to-do list]

The things we want/need to do to make our townhouse perfect!

Before we move our furniture in:
-Buy a washer.
-Buy a dryer.
-Replace the vinyl "tile" in the kitchen with real tile to match the foyer.
-Buy a refrigerator. 
-Paint the washer/dryer closet.

Living Room:
-Figure out a way to arrange the existing furniture into the room.
-Build bookcases into the odd hallway/nook area by the fireplace.
-Purchase a rug.
-Purchase curtains for the large sliding glass doors.
-Buy a new seat or two to match the existing furniture.
-Hang the huge mirror Landon found in the clearance bin at Lowe's.
-Find a sideboard to put under the mirror.
-Get a new TV and DVD player.


-Eventually replace the stove and dishwasher.
-Buy new barstools.
-Add a backsplash in the kitchen.
-Replace the board below the sink that has water damage.
-Have ceiling wired for new pendant lamp over breakfast area.
-Replace burnt out lights under the bar cabinets.

Half Bath:
-Replace the vanity in the half-bath.
-Find new light fixtures. 
-Find new blinds. 

Master Bedroom:
-Paint the room to a light green color. 
-Purchase curtains for the room.
-Add additional art to the room.

Master Bath:
-Knock out the current master bath vanity and replace with a more contemporary vanity.
-Put a new backsplash in the bath/shower area.

Guest Room/ Office:
-Buy a convertible couch to put in the guest room.
-Buy bookcases for the guestroom/ office/ library/ crafts room.
-Find storage for this space (like the Closetmaid series at Target).

Guest Room/ Office Bath:

-Add new tile to the floor.

-Add in a new vanity.
-Buy a new showerhead to replace the '80s rainforest head that's currently in the shower/bathtub.

-Buy these string lights for the porch.
-Put pavers down in the backyard to create a space for our outside dining furniture and fire pit.
-Fix the rotten board on the side of the porch.
-Add some flowers to the front landscape.
-Widen the back porch.

-Cut down the overwhelming shrub in the front yard.
-Trim back the palm tree next to the driveway.
-Paint the back porch.
-Rake the yard and add some grass. 
-Replace the front walkway lights with more updated ones. 
-Get a new light fixture for the front door. 

-Get blinds for the house. 
-Upgrade all the windows.
-Build a window seat in the odd window nook upstairs.
-Get rid of the hideous '80s railing going to the second floor.
-Build a linen closet in one of the odd nooks upstairs.