09 August 2012

Kitchen Decorations: A Final Decision

A while back, I shared the ideas that I had for the kitchen. I wanted something large for the huge expanse of beige wall that was completely blank, but I also wanted the decoration(s) to be on par with the travel-theme and red/beige/black color scheme that the den had. Since the den and kitchen are basically one big room, it's important that elements from both mix and match appropriately.

The final decision:

I found the travel sign on clearance for $30 at Marshalls. It's actually MUCH bigger in person than it looks in this picture, but it fits the space without overwhelming it. 

The mirror is actually gorgeous up close. The frame is one huge piece of wood that has letterpress style letters carved into it. LOVE IT! It was also a Marshalls HomeGoods find (but unfortunately wasn't on clearance...clearly, that factor didn't make or break my decision to buy it!). I love HomeGoods because you just never know what you're going to find in there. 

The red curtains match the brown ones in the living room, so they're coordinating without being matchy-matchy. They're 84" curtains by Waverley from Lowe's (they don't actually have the curtains anymore online, but they might still be in stores). Don't forget to hang those curtains a couple of inches higher than the window box--it will make the room look bigger. Promise!

The chargers, napkins, napkin rings and runner are all from Pier One. They make the BIGGEST difference in making your table more personal. The crystal bowl (Shannon crystal by Godinger) is actually part of our wedding crystal, but I thought it looked nice there. 

Now, to get the hanging pendant light above the table and replace the floors and we'll REALLY be in business!

Table: Ashley Furniture
Curtains: Lowe's
Sign: Marshalls HomeGoods
Mirror: Marshalls HomeGoods
Runner, chargers, napkins and napkin rings: Pier One
Crystal bowl: Bed Bath and Beyond

07 August 2012

Bedroom Collage and Online Thrifting

Overall, what our house needs right now is accessories. As we still have lots of big projects still in the chute (the hallway renovation, the kitchen re-do and an overhaul of both upstairs bathrooms), the paintings, photos and other wall decorations have been slow in coming. One thing at a time, right?!

For our bedroom, I put together a collage of things for the wall to the left of our bed. I found a cute subway-style sign to match with a vintage metal "D," a vintage scalloped metal frame and a three picture frame. 

The sign says (among other cute things): "You're the cheese to my macaroni, you are the horizon to my sky." So perfect for us! 

As for the two metal elements, I got them both through Etsy. I know a lot of people turn to the site for cute homemade things, but they also have tons of shops that deal exclusively in vintage and antique items. I love digging through an antiques store or Goodwill as much as the next person, but those searches can be annoying when you know exactly what you want, but can't find it (I have this particular problem with vintage Pyrex. I want it but I can't EVER find it!!). Etsy solves that problem for interior designers who want that perfect vintage piece but don't have the time or patience to go thrifting. Use it, love it, and thank me later!

But back to the decorating, the room is still not perfect--I feel like it's a little off somehow--but it's a work in progress (like most things around here). I haven't found anything that I love to put in the middle of the frame, but I'm searching. I'd like a little fleur de lis or something. I guess I'll know it when I see it. 

Decorating Details:
Black frame: Target
Silver scalloped frame: vintage find on Etsy
Metal "D": vintage find on Etsy
3 shelf bookcase in white: Walmart
Subway sign: Signals