11 April 2011

Party lights

I love strings of lights. They remind me of so many fun things: the lights we used to hang off the canopy of my grandparents' motor home when we went camping, summer nights, parties full of laughter and friends.

So, of course, our new house needed some outdoor lights for the patio. And stat, since the weather is quickly turning to Spring!

We found these awesome frosted mini bulbs at Target. They were on sale, so we got a 24-foot string for $10. With just one box, our porch went from being completely boring to looking like party central!

All we need are some guests, some fun music and some tasty food!
The lights at the bottom of the stairs. And yay for our new flowers! Read about our yard facelift over at my other blog, The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises.
Have you made any changes to your outdoor space in preparation for the warmer months?