21 November 2013

Why, Hello There...

It's been a while since I updated. But I have two excellent excuses, I promise!

The first:
Little baby sweetness at her newborn photo shoot.
We now have a junior member of our renovation and remodeling team: our daughter was born this past June, and she has been the center of our lives for the last five months. She's so much bigger than that photo now, and so much more mobile! We're out of the haze of newborn baby and back at our renovations. Finally! 

And the second:

Our house decided that it hated us and flooded back in April. I was seven months pregnant, and suddenly homeless (until we showed up on my parents' doorstep--surprise!). It took almost three months to get the house back in shape. Part of the reason it took so long was that the insurance company didn't want to cooperate and the other part was due to my husband working by himself to fix everything. With only two months left to go in my pregnancy, I could barely see my feet and was super cranky, so there's no way I could have assisted him with all of the repair work.  More on THAT whole process in the coming days. 

Before the baby and the flood, we did get a few projects done, including the nursery and the kitchen. I was a terribly tired pregnant woman, so I didn't post any of the pictures like I normally do, but rest assured that those will be coming, too. (I'm only about 6 months late, right?)

We also have several fun projects coming up, including a porch spruce-up, additions to the upstairs hallway, and a complete renovation of our master bathroom. Keep checking back!