27 December 2011

Second Bedroom, 2.0

Whoooooo's happy about our second bedroom/ office? 

We are!

In large part to some amazing Christmas gifts from my sister, the second bedroom is turning into something worth looking at.

Behold it in its original glory:

This is a particularly rough picture of the room, as it was right before painting. I promise, we don't usually keep our house looking crack-den chic.

After painting the pale yellow walls to a grey-beige, and a visit to Pier One for pillows and lamps:

Sloooooowly, sloooooowly, we're getting there! Note the completely empty bookshelves--a sight that may never happen again in our household.

AND NOW! Here is it today: 

The design rundown:
  • New white 5-shelf bookshelves (Walmart. $25/each)
  • Sleeper sofa (free. Donated by a friend)
  • Glass lamps (Pier One. On sale for $50/each; regularly $75/each)
  • Velvet pillows (Pier One. On sale for $20/each)
  • Long bird pillow (Pier One. $40/each)
  • Blue and white chain pillows (Target, two years ago. $15/each)
  • White sheer curtains. (Bed Bath and Beyond, two years ago. Given as wedding gifts)
  • Owl mirror (Earthbound Trading Company. $30)
  • Owl tryptich (Pier One. Given as gifts)

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